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DND Dice Glowing Dice with Charging Box, 7 PCS LED Electronic Dices, Polyhedral Dice Sets - Clasp Hands

DND Dice Glowing Dice with Charging Box, 7 PCS LED Electronic Dices, Polyhedral Dice Sets - Clasp Hands

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LED dice are a great way to add some extra flair to your Dungeons and Dragons game. These dice are equipped with LED lights that activate when rolled, creating a mesmerizing display of colors and patterns that can enhance the overall gaming experience.

🎲【SHAKE TO LIGHT UP】 The polyhedral game dice set come with colour changing flashing LED beads, which can be seen differently from the same viewing angle. Simply shake the DND dice to light them up and they will flash fantastically and attractively.
🎲【USB CHARGING CASE】Dicedndset The light up dice set comes with a charging bin that charges for 2 hours and continues to glow for 6 hours, can be used multiple times,The power case is very convenient for storing the game dice set to avoid missing any of them, suitable for games or as a gift.
🎲【EASY TO READ & FUN】When you shake the electronic football dnd dice, the light up dice will emit colored lights such as red, blue and purple, which can flash for up to 20 seconds per roll. The numbers on each side are as large as possible, easy to read, easy to light up, fun and easy to play with.
🎲【Notes】Red light when charging, green light when full. The charging hole of the dice needs to be aligned with the charging hole of the charging bin in order to charge.

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Customer Reviews

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Very cool

Very vibrant glow. 💗

Bought as a gift and rolled a nat20

She is 53 im almost 60 Ive played D@D since its creation still have original books dice etc. Got my spouse hooked on Oblivion and skyrim recently and bought a bunch of stuff to make for her. She loves light up dice. Don't know about gaming with em but they sure are cool. The lid won't close correctly if the dice are not placed in the box right. The box is the charger and the dice only sit on it one way. Keep that in mind when you pull them out so you know what position to place them back in